4 Tips for a Pain-free Vacation in Perth

4 Tips for a Pain-free Vacation in Perth
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4 Tips for a Pain-free Vacation in Perth

With summer just around the corner most people will be looking forward to summer holidays and vacation time. Whether you are planning an overseas trip, catching up with family or planning on regular trips to the beach, your main priority should be to remain injury and pain free this summer, so that you can enjoy all the joys that summertime brings. Below, our experts at Perth City Massage have outlined 4 tips for a pain free vacation in Perth. Following these simple guidelines will have you returning home from your holiday, pain-free and rejuvenated.

  • Make a decision to continue your exercise. Exercises, which have been prescribed by Perth City Massage, should be continued throughout your holiday to ensure that you keep healthy and pain free. Don’t be tempted to skip your exercises, as this will only lead to a slower metabolism and muscle stiffness and pain.
  • Keep physically active. It is very easy to consider that lounging around and being inactive is your holiday reward, but this inactivity will only contribute to joint stiffness, pain and weight gain. Try to keep a balance of being active as well as relaxing. When swimming, try to swim a few laps; aim for a brisk 15-20 minute walk a day and walk instead of taking the lift, escalators or taxis. Remember the exercise program specifically designed for you by Perth City Massage will assist you in sustaining your fitness and energy levels.
  • Stretch your muscles at regular intervals. If you are going to be sitting for long periods of time, for example, on a long flight or sitting in a car for long drives, always try to stretch and walk around whenever you have the opportunity. This will not only help maintain mobility it will also improve circulation in your muscles.
  • Don’t overdo it – know your limits. With over 53,000 luggage related injuries sustained in 2008 in the US (according to Consumer Product Safety Commission) (CPSC), our team at Perth City Massage suggest a few simple rules to follow to help prevent injuries:

Always ensure that you keep your lower back straight and aligned properly while lifting bags or luggage. (Our team of experts can teach you the exact method you should be using when lifting objects).

Have your posture evaluated by one of our health professionals. They will also be able to identify which muscles need strengthening and stretching for optimum performance. Don’t forget, you can call our team at Perth City Massage anytime for a massage which will help condition and stretch your muscles before your leave on your vacation.

When carrying your luggage or bags, carry as close as possible to your body. This will minimize the strain to the lower back area.

This Summer Don’t Gain Weight!

Keep yourself fit, healthy and pain free this summer vacation by keeping to your regular exercise routine. It is too easy to get into ‘holiday mode’ and forget how quickly your metabolism can slow down due to inactivity. You will also experience joint stiffness, pain and excess weight if you don’t keep to the exercise routine advised by your physical therapist. It is very easy to lose all the good work you have accomplished health wise, by having a vacation not balanced correctly with exercise, healthy eating and rest.

If you follow our 4 tips to a pain free vacation in Perth combined with a little extra planning and expert advice from Perth City Massage, you should return from your summer vacation refreshed and healthier. Don’t come back from your next vacation in pain, discomfort or overweight. Consult our health team now for expert advice on having a happy and healthy vacation.