What is the Connection Between Nutrition and Health?

What is the Connection Between Nutrition and Health? | Blog- CCHP
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What is the Connection Between Nutrition and Health?

Let’s Talk Gut.

What is the Connection Between Nutrition and Health?The gut is currently a hot topic and understandably so.

Everything we put into our Gut may determine our future health.

We are a host to millions of living microbes, so we want to keep them at their peak performance. Around 90% of our bodies are made up of microbes, only 10% is “really us”. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Research in the field has discovered that an imbalance of certain microbes may be capable of causing different health conditions. These can vary from obesitycardiovascular issuesdiabeteschronic fatiguebloatingautoimmune and even mental health.

Our Gut microbes love a wide variety of fresh and seasonal food, especially what we call pre-biotic foods. Some of the best sources of these pre-biotic foods are onions, spring onions, shallots, artichoke, chicory, leeks, garlic, raw oats and banana four and there are more. Remember not everybody can tolerate these foods so they need to seek other sources.

With so many herbicides and pesticides being sprayed on our foods it is best to eat organic, although this is not always possible, so I suggest washing your fruit and vegetables properly. These sprays cause disruption and imbalance with our Gut microbes. This in turn creates an unhappy digestive tract. Therefore, we can understand why Gut issues are increasing within society. This provides you with even more reason to pay some respect to our Gut.

Here at Central City Health Professionals, Jenna, the Exercise Physiologist Specialist and myself, Leonie Henderson, the Nutritionist, have designed a 12-week program to help with your journey to improve your health and achieve the best Nutrition level. A tailored exercise and diet program that includes assessments, monitoring your progress with a fat, muscle and fluid ratio, mindful practice with regular check in’s and much more is now available.

We would love to help you on your pathway to better health and Nutrition ! For more information contact us today on 9421 1733.