Yoga in Perth CBD

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Yoga in Perth CBD

The Answer is YOGA

Sharon - Best Yoga Instructor in Perth CBD“What many don’t realize is that looking fit or feeling strong or healthy are merely the byproducts of exercise and self-care.
What you really get is freedom, joy, and independence.
You gain the power to go out and live your life to the absolute fullest.” ~ Sharon


Meet Sharon, Physiotherapist & Yoga + Pilates instructor, with a passion to help people move and feel better so they can live their best life. Her mission is to help people create more joy and freedom through mindful movement and breathwork in a way that honours our bodies’ individual needs. All so that they can do the things they love and live their best life for as long as possible!


Sharon’s power yoga classes are vinyasa or flow based, with an emphasis on synchronizing mindful movement with breath. The class includes core work, standing series, and relaxation at the end in savasana. She often includes elements of Pilates & Physiotherapy principles in her classes with a focus on movement control, flexibility, and building strength for your whole body.


She encourages her students to breathe and move with curiosity and compassion, to practice with dedication and yet embrace imperfection with laughter. There is no perfect path to wellness so it’s important to have fun along the way!


Benefits of Yoga:
    • – beneficial for back pain
    • – increase overall strength and balance
    • – improve flexibility and mobility
    • – enhance wellbeing
    • – lowers cortisol levels and aids relaxation
    • – improves focus and concentration
    • – relaxes chronic muscle tension
    • – improves sleep
    • – elicits the body’s relaxation response
    • – improves body awareness


You don’t have to be flexible, or good at yoga to join a class (and no, you don’t even have to like tofu). There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but together we can explore what feels good, leave what doesn’t, and have fun on this journey.


Supporting your health and wellness,

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